Milk desserts such as Bergama Plastik, Kazandibi, rice pudding, Kaskul, chicken breast, cake desserts such as trileçe, revani, brownie, and foreign delicacies such as profiteroles, tiramisu, supangle, pannocota, magnolia, macarons, fruit cups, baklava and cookies provides a wide packaging portfolio to its consumers. It has 180 cc, 250 cc, 280 cc, 330 cc portioned products in different forms in crystal transparency, which are the most demanded in the national and international market, as well as 1-2 kg take away or take away packages for large families.

With our PET Jar and Doypack products, you can pack your grays and cookies in different volumes. You can find natural and ecological products such as kraft salad and soup bowls in different volumes, paper bags, paper bags, gusseted and non gusseted paper bags in the Ecomia series, in the quantities you need in our stocks. If you wish, we also have special printed production options for you.