We offer special PP, IML packaging and PET Jars with EVOH barrier for the olive industry.

EVOH Barrier olive packages;

  • It maintains oxygen permeability more than 100 times compared to other packages.
  • Creates an alternative to glass jars and cans
  • Preserves the color and odor of the product
  • Different volume options are available, from 300 cc to 1,000 cc
  • Having the same upper mouth dimensions of all volumes allows it to be used in a common filling machine.
  • With its special aesthetic design, it is quickly noticed on the shelf and puts you ahead of your competitors.

We also have 280 cc, 400 cc, 500 cc, 750 cc, 900 cc, 1,000 cc, 3,000 cc and 5,000 cc stylishly designed PET Jars for olives.