We offer a wide range of products for your delight and confectionery, consisting of transparent crystal (PS), buckets with or without IML labels, PET jars and doypacks. Bring all the eye-catching colors of your Turkish delight and candies together with your consumers with the products in crystal transparency we offer. Crystal products have models that take 60-70 gr product on the side of the case, as well as large packaging options of 2-3 kg in bulk. Separator-applied crystal gift boxes will open a new door for your customers, who are looking for gifts with affordable prices and rich visuals, for New Year's, Ramadan and Sacrifice Feasts.

Our bucket options with locked lids will allow you to sell your products in national markets, especially in the industrial area. Increase your sales with different shaped bowls from 250 cc to 1,200 cc without label or with IML label. PET Jar, Kraft or metallized doypack types are among the other alternatives we can offer you.