We offer our customers fork, knife, spoon, dessert spoon and ice cream spoon models in different designs and weights. Eco, Eco-Luxury and Luxury models made of polystyrene (PS) raw material; We have Eco and Luxury models made of polypropylene (PP) raw material. In addition to disposable products, Bergama Plastik also offers environmentally friendly, reusable fork, knife and spoon models. Our Reusable models comply with the 2020/1245 Reusable norms accepted by the European Union. SETs that collect many of your needs such as forks, knives, spoons, salt, pepper, napkins under a single package are also among the products we supply. It can be anonymous or, if you wish, it can be prepared with a special, logoed napkin and package.

We deliver all your needs from a single point with sauce and food containers that can be placed in the microwave oven, salad bowls with black or transparent bodies, multi-compartment packages, kebab containers.You can find natural and ecological products such as kraft salad and soup bowls in different volumes, paper bags, paper bags, gusseted and non gusseted paper bags in the Ecomia series, in the quantities you need in our stocks. If you wish, we also have special printed production options for you.